Sony Announces Playstation 4, 5 and 6 at Tokyo Game Show

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Chiba City-In what will go down in history as one of the most shocking announcements in Tokyo Game Show history, Sony announced today that the company will be discontinuing development for it’s Playstation 3 console by the end of 2008 in order to focus all it’s resources on the upcoming Playstaion 4, which will release in the forth quarter of 2008. This comes as a shock to many gamers, especially after the announcement of new pricing schemes for the PS3 just last month at the E3 Media and Business Summit.

“We looked at the market, and realized that we cannot realistically hope to win the current generation console war,” stated Kaz Hirai, President and Group Chief Operating Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, “so we’re starting with a clean slate, and we will work to avoid the mistakes we made with the Playstation 3.”

The unexpected announcement was made at Sony’s press conference this afternoon, but it was far from the only shocker Sony had in store for gamers. Immediately after making the controversial PS4 announcement, Sony went on to baffle the audience of journalists and industry experts when Hirai then announced that the Playstation 5 would release by the end of 2009.

“We looked at the market, and realized that we cannot realistically hope to win the next generation console war,” stated Kaz Hirai, President and Group Chief Operating Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, “so we’re starting with a clean slate, and we will work to avoid the mistakes we made with the Playstation 4.”

Hirai stated that while he sympathizes with gamers who might feel cheated by these events, he feels that the Playstation 6 will more than make up for any disappointment they experienced with the Playstation 3, 4 and 5. The audience began to chuckle at this statement, mistaking it for a joke, until President of SCE Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison took the stage and began to play a real-time demo of what he claimed was a Playstation 6 prototype.

While the demo was undeniably impressive, some concerns did arise as to it’s authenticity. For one, Mr. Harrison appeared to be using a Wii remote spray painted black. This became even more conspicuous later on when Harrison lost his grip on the remote and it could clearly be seen that his palm had black paint on it.

The graphics shown were also very much in question, as it was extremely obvious that Harrison was simply waving his arms around wildly as random footage from the Matrix was shown.

The Krooze Nest will work diligently to keep you up-to-date on any further developments in this shocking turn of events.

Source: Dissociated Press

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~ by Krooze L-Roy on September 20, 2007.

56 Responses to “Sony Announces Playstation 4, 5 and 6 at Tokyo Game Show”

  1. The new controller looks awesome! I hope it’s not just a rumor!

  2. I cant wait till the new PS5 comes out! Its gonna be awesome!!!!!

  3. some people have too much time to make up these stories..

  4. that is a wii controler with Sony on it. Besides you used paint on microsoft and that guy talking about playstation… you can see the banner saying Plays and not 4 or 5 or 6.. This is a joke.

  5. Is this really true? Prove it to me. I cannot believe it.

  6. this is bullshit dont believe it

  7. dis is fucken crap SHIT

  8. playstation is for losers, go find a girl and fuck her

  9. I swear on all of your lives that this story is 1017 percent true. If I’m lying, may God strike you down this very instant.

    See, you’re still alive. There’s your proof.

  10. aye right then well fake mn

  11. its fucken fake you idiots!!

  12. Tne playstation 4 is not even out yet and they say it is this is bullshit

  13. i cant believe i actually read this

  14. there talking like they already made PS4

  15. Well i cant get a 60gb version so will wait for the ps4 however long it takes!

  16. ”we will work to avoid the mistakes we made with the Playstation 4” WHAT? PS4 it’s still a dream and he already knows what mistakes there will be? They won’t release a PS4 sooner than 2011, they could sell a PS3 slim instead but not a completely new one. This news is full of shit.

  17. Anybody who cannot tell that this is a joke should take an iq test. The fact that some of you actually beleived it is fuckin pathetic. Get a fuckin sense of humor and quit taking things so seriously.

  18. o my goddamn god they are asstarded. there wont be a ps4

  19. i made a comment!

  20. People are so fucking pathetic.


  21. Looky here — dont just listen to every thing a web site tells you — you remember the the gay ass crap ppl made about toad being in super smash bros. melee? well this site is just like that people k?

  22. fag

  23. some how this seems liek a liar you liar.

  24. Wait this is true this is how i know: “nitnedono and snoy have signed a lisence that syas: ” ps4 and 5 and 6 are allowed to use nitnedon wii comproller: “”

  25. it would be kinda of nice to hava a ps4……..

  26. what crap people the ps4 will launch around 2014. this is to give the developers enough time to understand the ps3 console and use it to it’s full potencial.

    PS: wii 2 launches in 2010
    PSS: xbox 720 or what ever launches in 2009 (or a new 360 model with a blu-ray addon)

  27. Guess what!!! The Playstation 10274738298464783367318376383637652365356359356485959876325 has just been anounced at the idiots convention!!

  28. what the duck this cant be true

  29. wow you can’t be serious this is the biggest bullshit thing ive ever seen!!

  30. It’s a Wii Controller with Sony Microsoft painted on it. Any idiot can see that! Stupid!!!!!!

  31. people this is a big fat fake!!!!

  32. wow that is really stupid. Where do people find the time to make up all this stuff? And for what purpose?

  33. PS4 release date : 04/04/2010


  35. who ever made this site has noooooooooo life! LOLOL! wow…


  37. I Heard That The PS4 Is Back

  38. this is bull shit the ps4 isnt coming in 2008 this is crap

  39. What fucking bullshit! Ps4 is not coming before 2011

  40. You wrote this bullshit because you are a SHITBOX 360 Fanboi.

  41. what a retard to wrote this shit.

  42. OK, ill put this straight..ps4, 5 or even 6 …WTF??? they wont be comin out for ages.. think how long the ps2 was out for until ps3 came out…this story is made up and its stupid… there are not even any designs ready for ps4?? hahah not ps5 lol who said that ahahaha maybe 2010 or 2011 for ps4 or even later who know.. but deffinatly not before 2010… PS3 is awsome for now!! oh, BTW if u want to add me.. me online ID on ps3 is = Goatking1

  43. Dude must be a shitbox 360 fan. How can Sony plan to cancel production on PS3 in 08 when it just came out…duh……it’s a phony blog……playstation will win the console wars and shitbox will lose just like Sony took out Sega and their sorry Dreamcast console……last 2 consoles standing will be Sony and Nintendo.

  44. r u freaken sick, ps4 is headed our way niggers, n dnt 4get 2 fuck a chik. wen u get it. 2 usa

  45. lol fake

    yore gay

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