Miyamoto Booed off Stage


Boca Raton, Florida-In an occurrence that is sure to raise the ire of long-time video game fans, legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto was run off stage amid shouted insults and thrown objects at a recent design seminar. The celebrated 55 year old, known for such genre-defining video games as Super Mario, Zelda and Sonic, was making a rare unpaid appearance as a guest speaker at the Digital Media Arts Center, a Florida-based game design school.

The students, bored by the soft-spoken Japanese man, and unfamiliar with his work, quickly became fidgety and restless, despite Miyamoto’s strained attempts at being humorous. Eventually one student began heckling the famed designer, uttering epithets such as “nerd,” “queer,” and “dork,” under the pretense of clearing his throat. These insults were met with increasing laughter from the crowd, and thus the taunts also increased in frequency.

Shigeru, clearly unused to such abuses, only once offered any mild opposition, quietly stating “please, sir” before attempting to resume his talk. His speaking became increasingly nervous as the name-calling continued, and he continually glanced pleadingly at the School’s Dean, Richard Cram, who offered no help in return, save for an apathetic shrug of the shoulders.

“He was dying up there, but there was nothing I could do,” explains Cram, “my students come first, and if they think he’s a nobody, I think he’s a nobody.”

And the students certainly did think that. “He was standin’ up there like he was important or somethin'” says one student, “but I sure as hell never heard of him.” Another student offers advice, “we don’t care if you worked on Pong or some shit, do something that matters now and we might care.” Yet a third student asks, “do they even have games in China?”

The scene became increasingly tense during the seminar, with Miyamoto visibly choking up and being unable to speak as more and more members of the audience joined in on the heckling. Eventually, the auditorium was in an uproar, and objects began to be thrown at the Nintendo icon, who then fled from the stage looking shocked and humiliated.

After the shamed designer left the stage, the entire audience chanted “you ain’t shit, go home chink” over and over, before launching into a raucous chorus of “USA, USA,” pumping their fists in the air as they chanted. Dean Cram could be seen nodding approvingly in the background.

According to industry analysts, this is a sign of what they call the “mainstreaming” or “casual-ization” of video games. They claim it’s an indication that the industry is healthy and growing. But to the small minority of longtime enthusiasts, the events of the seminar will be remembered as a shameful day in the pages of video game history.

Source: Dissociated Press


~ by Krooze L-Roy on October 1, 2007.

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