Tiny Reviews: LocoRoco

Something you might want to keep in mind while going into this game is that psilocybe “magic” mushrooms were perfectly legal in Japan until just five years ago. With this factoid in mind, the shock of playing a game that centers around the life and times of living, singing blobs of lava lamp lava will be less jarring.

The fact is that this is the ultimate druggie game; it has a very low stress factor, a relentlessly cheerful tone, music strange enough to be classified as “trippy” and a highly psychedelic art style. Oh, and it’s simple and easy, and that counts for a lot when you’re in a mental state where your own reflection can fill you with fear and anxiety.

Basically you just tilt the game world slightly to the left or right to roll your lava-man, who will otherwise bounce where he pleases, over obstacles and through all sorts of contraptions. There’s the occasional enemy here and there, but unless you leave your PSP sitting unmanned for a half hour, you’d be hard pressed to actually die (as a matter of fact, I’m not positive you can die).

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy eating fungi that grow on cow turds, you need to check this game out if you have a PSP. Really, what else are you gonna play?


~ by Krooze L-Roy on October 5, 2007.

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