The Top Ten Video Pinball Games in the History of the Universe (Part 7 of 10): Rollerball

By: Krooze L-Roy

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#4 – Rollerball

I’ve noticed that a lot of readers (as in, 1 or 2) are wondering what the best pinball game for the classic NES is. And it’s an understandable quandary, since most of the games for the system don’t even have the word “pinball” in the title, making Internet searches a headache. Sure, plain old Nintendo Pinball is a good time, but it’s about as shallow as the moisture on an eyeball.

But there is a gem out there for those who look hard enough. It’s called…


*guitar riff*



Okay, so maybe it isn’t based on the award winning movie of the same name. Luckily for those who can overlook this admittedly glaring flaw, Rollerball the game is almost as awesome as the movie. Almost.

Like most NES pinners, Rollerball features just a single table, but what separates this otherwise standard-looking table from the pack is sheer size. Towering in at a whopping four (4) screens high and sporting an Empire State Building theme to match, Rollerball is a real behemoth. Just look at this sucker!



Just like you keep telling yourself, size isn’t everything, but it’s not the impressive length of the table that makes this game so excellent. The layout is wonderfully balanced, there’s a ton of stuff to do, and the physics feel just right, if a bit on the slow side. There’s a pervasive feeling of being in total control of the ball. That feeling’s an illusion, of course, but it’s also an indicator of an excellently designed table.

I should say “in control of the ball or balls.” There’s a multiball feature in the game, which is unusual for a multi-screen game such as this. It’s very cleverly implemented and flexible, so that you don’t lose your extra ball just because one of them goes off the screen.

I was also being somewhat inaccurate when I said there was only one table in the game. There’s an option called Match Play, wherein two players both control a pair of flippers on either side of the same table. See it here. It’s not exactly deep; the winner is determined more by sheer luck than skill. But it’s a pretty fun time, and a great bonus for an era in gaming that isn’t known for very elaborate bonus features.

Aside from some lackluster music and a lack of table nudging, there really aren’t many flaws with Rollerball. You can get it off ebay for about the cost of a cheese burger. And I strongly suggest you do. Fat ass.

Try to beat: Terence O’Neill’s world record of 5,181,110. Or, if you prefer your challenges to be possible, you can go for my personal high of 1,770,480.

Also check out: Flipnic, for the PS2, which just barely didn’t make this lil list of mine. If Pee Wee Herman had a pinball machine in his playhouse, it would probably be a lot like Flipnic (in lieu of a pornographic table that can be played one handed). The game’s three tables (and one Arkanoid-style minigame) are absolutely insane, and any pinball fan needs to play it just to experience it for themselves. Even if the pinball fundamentals aren’t rock solid, it’s a pretty entertaining play.

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~ by Krooze L-Roy on October 29, 2007.

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