New Feature; Really Really Bad Comics

Do to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, Krooze’s Haunt will now be featuring a comic series. I realize that after perusing this site’s intellectually taxing content, many readers will require a mental break in the form of simple single-panel comics in the storied tradition of Family Circus. You know, the one you read simply because Doonesbury has too many words, and you’re too lazy to read Dilbert ever since they moved it to the Business section?

So, by all means, read these comics, even though you know damn well they won’t even encourage even the slightest glimmer of a smile, let alone a laugh. Read them simply because it’s easy to do so. Hell, that’s the only reason I make em.

For younger Krooze Haunt viewers, past comics can be viewed in the new Comix Zone section in the “Features” column to the right. You know, those useless rectangles that make this page load slowly. Well it just got slower.

If the comics are viewed in succession, an epic overarching storyline will most certainly not appear, but you’re more than welcome to make up your own fan fiction starring the original cast of characters I’ve created, such as Super Mario and Pac-man.

One more thing; Oh wait, no there’s not. Here’s the comic;


~ by Krooze L-Roy on January 29, 2008.

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